Why Choose Florida Eye Doctors?

We focus on taking care of your eyes, not selling our products, and our facilities are consumer's number one choice for second opinions. We're equipped to handle hard-to-fit contacts due to astigmatism, Poor Near Vision, Dry Eye or GPC. We offer advanced vision correction, including Ortho-K, and LASIK Vision Rejuvenation. We diagnose and co-manage Intra-ocular Lens Implants, Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Eye Disease. We teach eye nutrition and its link to eye health, combining both the benefits of holistic & medical therapies. Last but not least, our facilities are proud to accept a wide range of routine vision & medical insurance, including Medicare to help our patients.

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Lake Worth

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Open Monday - Saturday
6486 Lake Worth Rd Greenacres, FL 33467
Inside Lake Worth Vision Center
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798 Neapolitan Way Naples, FL 34103-8504
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